Scene Seeker

Ever think a scene in a movie looks familiar? Ever visit a place and wonder where a scene was filmed?

Scene Seeker is just the Application for you.

Each edition contains complete address information, interactive map, pictures and information about the film locations of movies and TV shows. Using iPhone, iPod Touch's GPS functionality you can easily see where all the movies were filmed. Quickly search by movie name, location, near you, and keywords. Whether its a childhood movie or a new release we've got you covered. Any book with this information in it, costs well over $10! It's yours, electronic and in the palm of your hand for less than a coffee.

An increasing number of features and movies!

  • View all listings on a Map.
  • View your own location in respect to film locations.
  • Get Details and fun facts about that film location
  • Easily get directions to a particular listing.
  • Search by Movie Name.